Helping writers utilize technology for fun, productivity, and profit. Questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome. Please contact, comments@theWriteTechnology.com.

Now that the tag line is out of the way. You’re probably wondering why you should read anything written by me?

I have over 20 years experience in Information Technology, I have written many How-To’s, User Guides, and Technical reports. I have taught Continuing Education Classes at Tulsa Community College, provide private training classes as a consultant, and supported users and products through corporate employment. I started studying the craft of writing in 2004. Since then I’ve tried to learn all I can, taking in as much advice as published authors are willing to give. I belong to Tulsa NightWriters, Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc., and Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers.

Please read a few posts, leave comments, or submit a question. If you know something other authors may benefit from, please speak up. Guest posts are welcome. Guidelines will be posted soon.

As always, I reserve the right to edit, delete, respond, not respond to comments. If you leave a comment and it fails to appear, please contact me.


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